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That’s exactly what we went for.
My friends, Daniel and Amy, a married couple, and I always preferred the laid-back relaxing atmosphere of a deserted beach.
Early in the week, Daniel and I had dug a huge, deep hole in the sand, large enough for four people to sit in, and so deep the walls were over our heads when we sat down. Milf personals in slovakia.
It was a place where we could go to escape the wind, and conveniently it made smoking easier.
The week was going nicely.
We were camping, so days and nights were spent at the beach, mostly drinking.
On the morning of the 4th Amy’s sister, Kylie, and her family, came to spend a couple of days with us. Jayden cole ass lick lesbian.
Kylie was married and had two kids.
I had no idea they were coming until they showed up, not that I really cared, as long as the kids didn’t interfere with my drinking and I could look at Kylie in a bikini.

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We all went to the beach that morning after breakfast, like every other morning.
After we set up the coolers, chairs, and umbrellas everyone just went about doing their own thing.
It was about noon; Daniel and I were smoking a joint in the hole when Amy came over and asked to speak to him. This wincanton in independent adult swingers me.
Daniel was gone for a few minutes, when he came back, he told me that Amy was taking the kids back to the campground for a nap so Kylie could have some free time.
I looked down the beach and saw Kylie wondering in the surf, looking for shells. Bikini college girls flashing naked fuckbook 2018.
Her husband was lying on a beach towel, possibly asleep.
Daniel and I finished the joint and we each lit a cigarette.

Before we could finish, Kylie’s husband came over to the hole and asked Daniel if he could give him a ride to the village to pick up something, I wasn’t really paying attention. Best hentai newsgroup.
They asked if I’d like to ride along, and I declined, preferring to sit alone watching the breakers, and Kylie.
I figured I’d have about an hour before anyone bothered me, so I decided to drink a cold beer and smoke another joint. Edison new jersey hot tub gardens w.
When I left the hole to go to the cooler, I noticed Kylie was meandering back.
I sat back in the hole, opened my beer, took a swallow, and began rolling a joint.
I was excited about being alone, listening to the tide and enjoying a beer, while getting high. Who is amanda peet dating.
Camping with a couple on a small island for a week didn’t leave much alone time.
I finished rolling the joint and was about to light it when Kylie sat down beside me on the sand bench of the hole.

She sat so close her hip brushed mine, I wasn’t expecting her to join me and she startled me a little. Beautiful black girls with sexy feet.
“Where is everyone?” she asked? “Amy took the kids back to the campground to take a nap, and Daniel took, uh… your husband into the village for something,” I told her, lighting the joint.
Kylie laughed, “My husband?” she asked, “You don’t know his name, do you?” I had known Kylie for several years now, and I had only met her husband once or twice, I really didn’t know his name or the names of her kids. Tahnee welsh hairy puss.
Until now I didn’t care, but for some reason, I felt like an ass because I didn’t know.
“I’m high, I forgot,” I said, not knowing what else to say.
“Yeah, I’m sure.
How long have they been gone?” she asked. Virgincherry animals and garls xxx.

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