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Emma looked out at the three judges sitting in a row, staring opened mouthed at her, for once in their careers they were completely speechless.
The presenter of the show, a veteran of countless TV shows, was looking to the producer who could only shrug. Lonely women in badalona.
Nobody seemed to know what to do.
Emma didn’t see him, or anyone else.
She was staring at the wet pool at her feet and feeling her face begin to burn with embarrassment.
Her first day on the news floor had been a lucky one. Yx_krasava arabian xxx f videoanimals.
The presenter of the lunchtime news fell ill halfway through the broadcast with what later turned out to be a heart attack.

As she was passing the studio someone with a clipboard grabbed her and she was manhandled into the vacant chair, spending the remaining fifteen minutes of the bulletin reading out the details of hospital closure protests and cuddly puppy stories. Naked fish cape cod.
The collapse of Barry Smith on screen, the longest serving newsreader in the county, was an internet hit, but as the views increased, just as many people were impressed by the confidence shown by the young woman taking over mid broadcast. Boy fingers himself.
That assured performance soon led to a regular spot and within a year Emma was headline news herself, the quickest career progression anyone had seen, getting a main anchor role, her own chair at the station board meetings, something even Barry had never achieved.

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After a year at the helm, Emma was instantly recognisable wherever she went, small towns, cities, walks in the countryside, everyone seemed to know her or thought they did.

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