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When the clamp is fully closed, a strong moan does escape from her lips, her eyes even brighter with desire and arousal now.
I then do the same with her other nipple.
As I finish up putting the second one on, I glace down to see her pussy leaking a lot more then before. Mature naughty girls.
“Oh my god, that feels so fucking good.
” Lexi says after she catches her breath.
I just smile in response, then grab the chain and tug lightly on it.
The clamps hold good stretching her nips out a bit.
Lexi’s eyes close and her pussy lets more juice flow. Bangalore adult dating.
“Stand up baby girl.
” I say to her.
Lexi looks a question at me as she stands.
I then pick up the butterfly and unsnap the belts for it.
In the back of my head I’m thinking if this girl wants to tease me all the time that turn about is fair play.

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I fasten the belt around her waist, then the belts around her thighs, making sure the vibe is in contact with her clit.
Then I grab the remote and turn it on its lowest setting.
Lexi’s legs almost give out as soon as the vibe starts to work, a moan escaping her lips just as instantly. Dating old photo albums.
I catch her ass as she starts to go down, so she wont fall.
Then I help her to the floor, her legs almost as weak as a newborn colts.
She is building to big climax already with the butterfly on low.
I open her thighs as she tries to close them from the pressure on her clit, positioning myself between her legs. Business traveler looking for a guide.
Lexi looks up at me with a dreamy look on her face as I grab my cock in my hand and rub the head against her lips.

Slowly I push myself inside her, her pussy grabbing at my cock and trying to suck me in deeper. Generous male looking for right now.
God she feels so wonderful as I push my way deeper inside her.
My groin bumps up against the butterfly pushing it against her clit.
Lexi moans and tries to push back against me harder, making the butterfly press against her clit harder. Kiramind stranger sex chat for mobile.
I pull back slowly from her groin and begin stroking in and out of her pussy.
I start with the long slow strokes, savoring the feeling of my cock sliding in her wet pussy.
I can feel the buzzing of the butterfly on the inside of her, adding to my own arousal. Learning styles adults.
I look down at her taking in the whole picture at once.
Her face showing her arousal and pleasure, down to her small nipples pinched tight by the clamps and the silver chain running between her tits.
Down to the strap around her waist holding the pink butterfly on her clit.

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Then down to the straps around her thighs and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.
The smell of her arousal coming right up to assault my nose, adding to my ardor.
I keep my pace slow letting her build more towards her orgasm. Young guy fucks his chubby wife gif.
I can feel the vibration of the butterfly against my cock as I push in deep, then fading a bit as I slide back out.
As I push in I can feel the quiver of her pussy walls against my cock.
My eyes quickly move back up to hers, I can see her trying to keep her eyes open as the pending orgasm forces her to close them. Oliver_twits chat with milf free.
Her walls grip me tightly trying to milk my own seed out of my cock, as she cums.
Her mouth opens at first in a silent scream, her hands going to my arms to grip them and trying to pull her body up.