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“Johnny,” she gasped.
She arched her back and pressed her soft, sensual body up against mine.
Her hand, still encircling my shaft, tugged me towards her.
I quickly slipped a hand between her thighs and found her dripping with wetness. Wap for sex chat.
I stroked her a few times and parted her lips as she guided me down towards her.
Her warm opening kissed my tip and I pressed forward just a fraction.
Her lips parted and she threw her head back.
As much as I wanted to just plunge into her I wanted to make her wait, tease her. Impractical jokers san antonio.
I stroked her hair and pressed her head back down so I could watch her expression.
Her eyes flicked open and between gasps she smiled at me.
“Making me wait again, Johnny?” she whispered.
I moved a fraction deeper and she moaned. Gay wrestling submission.

“You bet I am.
I love that look,” I said.
“What look?” “That wild, desperate look in your eyes.
” Another fraction, another moan.
It was the most sensual tease, holding myself back was agonising.
“Johnny, please,” she begged. Photos women hot voyeur.
“Please what?” I pulled out a fraction and then took it back, and a little more.
She gasped, eyes wide and wild.
“Please don’t make me wait.
” Another tiny, teasing, torturous thrust.
This time she cried out my name. Sexybigtits4y live web cam sexfree.
I could feel her muscles clenching, rhythmically, and she rocked her hips, straining for me.
The tension was killing me.
I was barely moving and yet it felt more intense than anything I’d ever felt before. Tefany22 omegle sex chat tv xxx.
I knew if we just kept going like this it would drive us both over the edge.

“Don’t make you wait for what Pen?” “I need you.
” I leaned down and kissed her softly, teasing her lips with my tongue, and then kissed down to her neck. Big boobs and very hairy.
“Tell me what you need,” I whispered by her ear.
She shuddered.
“I need you in me, right in me, deeper, Johnny, please.
” I thrust forward another inch and she groaned, eyes screwed tight.
I pulled back again and she whimpered. Lami massage adult.
“No,” she cried.
“Tell me what you want,” I whispered by her ear as I licked her skin.
“More, please, please.
” I gave her back the fraction I’d taken, and a little more.
I was maybe half my length inside her now. Shaved pussy pics for free.

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