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Chapter One I looked at myself in the mirror.
Wild strands of brown, wavy hair fell unnaturally at my shoulders.
My forehead always looked too big when my bangs weren’t resting happily across my brow line. Nudist italian lick dick and facial.
My small, tan body was dripping wet from the relaxing shower I had just indulged in.
I stood there naked, examining myself curiously, as if I had never seen my own reflection before.
I had never thought myself to be the pretty type, always comparing myself to the model-esque look as seen in magazines. Melissa milano sex.
My non-existent hips never pleased me, but others found that my overly large, perky boobs seemed to make up for my boyish body type.
I was 18 years old, 5’6’’ in height, and was getting prepared for a week-long vacation with my good friend Chandler Jackson and her family.

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I had known Chandler for many years now, growing up with her on the eastern coast of Florida with her three good-looking older brothers.
Sam Jackson was a nineteen year old college student at Cornell who spent most of his life buried in books and prepping for exams. Sexy navajo nude gallery.
He was 5’10’’, had short brown hair and hazel eyes, but was lacking in muscle, due to all of his time working out his brain.
Alex Jackson was a typical twenty one year old beach bum who took no interest in his studies; in fact he never attended college. Student sex chat fuck chat.
He spent his hot summer days lifeguarding at the local beach, which he gained from greatly probably due to his tan, lean, swimmers body, striking green eyes, and long, wavy, dirty blond hair; any young tourist girls dream.

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Austin, however, was the most gorgeous.
He had always been gorgeous.
His dark, thick, jet black hair was worn pushed back from his tan, beautiful face.
His eyes were a deep blue and when you looked into them, it was like staring into the dark sky at night, vast and full of wonders. Swan strawberry redhead.
He was 6’1’’ and his tall body always looked amazing in the tight V-necks he wore that hugged his every sculpted muscle.
He was now twenty five, and worked as a vice-president for a banking company.
He was very successful. Free quick web cam sex on skype.