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I then headed to our restroom area beside our office.
From this room I could listen and see directly in the office via the small screw holes behind the toilet in the bathroom.
Paul and I had used the holes that previously served as paper towel dispenser to spy on tons of our female customers who needed to use our bathroom for many years. Body cast fetish.
“$100 is the best you can offer,” she stated as Paul sat back “Yes, I called around to a couple of similar shops to us to see if we could get you a better offer somewhere else.
Your gaming system is really outdated now and your digital camera has a low megapixel and zoom rate in addition to being several years old. Cheating xxx wife ass.
The DVD’s have a little value.
However, the best I got for the entire package was $70 over in Brandon.
The ring is probably another $75 or so at best, but that is your wedding ring,” Paul spoke “Damn, I guess this stuff is not really worth what I thought.

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We are messed up now.
I have no idea what to do,” she responded.
“Ma’am this stuff depreciates fast.
Look, don’t take this the wrong way, but you are a very attractive woman.
If you are willing I think we can work something out,” Paul spoke. Tonnylissa22 kerala xxx in 2019.
“Are you serious? What are you saying?” she asked.
“Ma’am, I am trying to be respectful as possible.
You need money and I can get you the full amount you need for a few minutes of enjoyment for myself.
However, with the stuff you brought in here you are short a couple hundred dollars. Best websites for adult cam stranger.
I am being honest in saying you are very pleasing to the eye.

We can conduct a short business transaction and you get your money or you can go out try to find it elsewhere,” Paul responded.
“This is so crazy. Genuine free adult sex chat sites.
I never thought I would ever even be in a situation to contemplate something like this,” she responded.
“Look, bad stuff happens to good people.
For just a few minutes of your time you can have your money and this will all be over. Bondage damsel gag.
Where else are you going to find to get that much money? Nobody else will know about this and it will be over,” Paul responded.
“What about the other guy that works out there?” she asked.
“Don’t worry.
He is my best friend and longtime business partner and whatever he hears or sees is strictly business and confidential,” Paul responded. Amateur gay free home streaming video.
“How much did you say,” she asked.
“Look, I’ll give you $80 for the items and cover the remaining $235 you need.

It will be the fasted money like that you have ever made and you can keep your wedding ring,” Paul responded. Passs piss test with portable heater.
“You are making this sound so simple when it is much more than that.
What would I have to do?” she responded.
“I mean all I am trying to do is get a little relief.
I think just a quick blow job and that would likely do it. Vida guerrerro sex.
As you can see, I am an old man so it does not take much,” Paul responded.
“And you promise to give me the money as soon as we are finished?” she asked.
“I promise,” Paul responded.
“Okay,” she responded. Live sex chat using debit card.
“Great, I am an old fashioned guy and love a woman body so why don’t you let me see those nice looking breast of yours,” Paul spoke informing her to sit up on the desk.

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