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After several years of living on the wild side, we wanted to have a baby.
I went off the pill and we became a conventional, monogamous couple and began trying to get me pregnant.
It took us nearly a year for me to conceive, but after nearly two years of behaving myself, I was rewarded with the arrival of my first son. Nude boy innocent.
The trade was well worth it.
My gorgeous son was well worth abandoning a life of debauchery.
I was in heaven as a first time mother.
I particularly enjoyed breast feeding our son.
I quickly regained my figure, lost the bulk of the weight I gained during pregnancy, and began a fitness routine to get back into shape. Married discreet sex woman liberty tennessee.
I absolutely doted on my son.
He became the most important thing in my life.
(It is interesting to me, as I write about this experience, I am reluctant to even give the readers my son’s name.
My name really is Cindy, my husband’s name really is Jim. Best nude webcam sites.
But even now, years later, I feel it would be a violation of my son’s privacy to even reveal his name in this erotic story.
So the readers will have to accept him simply as ‘my son’.
) Yes, life was generally good. Naked girls web cam.
However, I was experiencing considerable abdominal pain and discomfort during the weeks and months after giving birth.

After complaining to our family physician on several occasions, our family doctor ordered some tests to see if there was something serious going on in my lower digestive tract. Bbw 53 middletown 53.
I suspect the doctor ordered these test merely to appease me rather than to assess my condition.
I was told to fast for 12 hours, and show up at a clinic at 8:00 a.
Jim accompanied me.
Jim waited in the ‘waiting room’ and watched our son while I went in for the ‘tests’. Adult friend in calcinaia.
I had nursed the baby immediately prior to arriving at the clinic to keep my breasts from being too engorged.
I wore a simple yellow sun dress, which was flattering, but not terribly revealing to the clinic. Tobi pacific orgy.
The nurse called my name, and I was placed in a room.
I told to disrobe completely, and to don a typical hospital gown that was open in the back.
The nurse explained the technician would be in shortly, and I should lie on the table and try to relax.

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Left alone in the room, I removed my dress, sandals, nursing bra and panties, and pulled on the hospital gown, tying it around my neck.
The gown was opening in the back, revealing my ass and legs.
I realized that this was no time for silly modesty, and tried not to give the limited coverage afforded by my dress a second thought. Brady bunch girls in bikinis.
I sat on the table trying, unsuccessfully, to relax.
After about 20 minutes a very attractive young black man entered the room with the nurse and introduced himself as ‘Jerome’.