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That’s probably because she was almost ready to cum because the whole time she was slowly explaining the scenario, she was moving her hips around so my wet dick rubbed up, down and around against her clit. Dating tuscan bone china.
I encouraged her on by saying that after they had cum they would go home to their wives and girlfriends and fuck them… Thinking about US the whole time.
That did it.
She plunged herself down on top of my stiff rod and came, screaming FUCK!

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FUCK, OH FUCK…oh fuck.
She got quieter as she tried to catch her breath.
Her legs were shaking, but I wasn’t done with her yet.
I was still very slowly moving my hips up and down, so she didn’t freak out too much from her sensitive bits. Hitomi tanaka bus.
I ran my hands up to her hard nipples and squeezed really hard like she likes.
“Ooooohhhhh! You’re so good to me,” she said with a devilish grin.
I then grabbed her hips and began moving them and my hips in sync with one another. Public banging teen.
Gaining speed slowly and persistently moving my flesh all the way in and all the way out.

Just to the tip of my dick and then back all in again.
I moved faster and soon was pounding her beautiful, wet, bald pussy like one of those incessant fucking machines. Cock growing mouth.
Her eyes rolled back into her head as she rubbed her red, swollen clit grunting, “Fuck me, Fuck me” AND… I… STOPPED.
Balls deep.
Buried inside her.
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