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To be continued.
Julie Davis was in trouble.
She had left Dallas too late in the day to begin her drive to Phoenix and now, just west of Odessa, her car had broken down.

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Now miles from nowhere and in a part of the Texas that had nothing but oilfields and rattlesnakes, she was stranded.
It was already sweltering and the hottest part of the day was yet to come.
Julie had some water with her, but it wouldn’t last long in this heat. Majika06 big pussy cam.
To make matters worse, her cell phone wasn’t getting any signal so she couldn’t even call for help.
Julie had planned on visiting her sister in Phoenix and was going to surprise her.
She hoped to spend some time with her sister – it had been awhile since they had seen each other and she was looking forward to it. Chubby girls sucking cum.
But because it was a surprise visit, her sister didn’t know she was coming.
In fact no one knew of her plans, so no one would know to look for her if she was late.
Julie was a very attractive woman in her mid thirties but who looked to be about ten years younger. Camzap japanese girls in guion indiana in.
A fitness buff, she took care of her body with workouts three times a week at the gym and she was in good shape.

At 5’4″ tall, she had all the right womanly curves.
Her breasts, 36D’s, stood up proud and her ass was well toned. Chubby fatties granny.
She was a looker and she always had more than her share of attention at the gym and around town.
She wasn’t dressed for a hike through the desert today either.
Wearing a hot pink mini dress with spaghetti shoulder straps and a rather bold deep V front. Natyli4ka22 xxx sex live praviate present mobi.
Her strappy CFM heels and stockings made her legs look sexy and she had a white lace thong on under the dress with a matching push up bra.

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