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They didn’t have children and he had more than enough money now to see him live well enough, but he liked the job and he hadn’t wanted to turn idle.
So they’d offered him a part time post to patrol the park for two days a week for as long as he wanted it. Spanking shaved suck dick and pissing.
“And, luckily you just happened to be running around the place bollock naked on one of my working days.
That’s what I meant when I said it was fate, what do you reckon?” He laughed loudly then looked to me. Dating and physical chemistry.
“It was fate Pauly, no other explanation for it.
” Eddie laughed a lot, I liked that, he had a kindly face that always seemed to be smiling, which made you smile with him.
I had been a little puzzled by one thing he’d said though. Dinner lady pussy.
“Wife? Eddie, you said you were married.

But I thought….
” I couldn’t really think what to say next so Eddie took over for me.
“Pauly, Once you get on to the scene you’ll find out, quite a lot of the men are married, some because they swing both ways or some that are in marriages of convenience for money or respectable appearance…” “And what about you?” I interrupted him, he was turning left to drive onto the empty pub car park. Amateur anal german.
“Me? I used to swing both ways, but I only go one way now.
And I promise you Pauly, you will love the world I’m going to introduce you to.
” Eddie put his hand on my thigh as he stopped the car and rubbed it up from my knee to my crotch. All european best online dating.
It was a nice night so I’d just put a polo shirt and jeans on, I had made a conscious decision to wear the pair that showed off my arse best.

He moved his hand further over to my crotch and squeezed a little, feeling my dick through my jeans. Blackmouille live sex now.
“Nice, Pauly, I really do think you’ll like what I’m going to show you tonight.
You excited?” “Yeah, I’m excited, I think,” I said, smiling.
“Good, then let’s go, Jim should be shutting up shop in ten minutes or so. Hustlers spirit ludacris datpiff.
” The big guy behind the bar called time almost as soon as Eddie had ordered the drinks, he had a lager for himself and a coke with ice for me.
We sat in an alcove with a small table, it was out of sight of the bar; a place where lovers would normally sit with their drinks to get some privacy. Electrical contact cleaning strip.
It was a midweek night and custom seemed very light.
Eddie made sure nobody was within earshot and put me in the picture a little.
Eddie was one of the main players and organizers involved in a sex network which he had help build up over a number of years.

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They organized parties and get togethers, they swapped contacts and information between each other to build the network up.
All sorts of people were involved from all walks of life and from all over the country. Eating wifes creampie gangbangs.
Lads like myself provided the entertainment, they were known as “The Network Boys”.
He said they even had a few nice policemen and a member of the local clergy on board.
They used quite a few different venues for the group meet ups in every area where The Network was active and everyone was encouraged to share. Hard care sex stories.
Which meant that if someone in The Network needed a certain kind of entertainment there was always someone there to provide it, or a member who would know someone who could.

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