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Abigail frowned and tapped the green phone symbol on the screen.
“H-hello?” she answered shyly.
There was silence for a few seconds.
“Well, shit.
Abigail, is that you, sweetheart?” Angelo’s gruff voice slurred. Latin lesbian shemales.
She swallowed.
” He muttered under his breath and Abigail could make out the sound of rustling bed sheets.
“Well I hope I’m not interrupting anything, but tell that horny son-of-a-bitch he’d better call his granma before she has another heart attack.

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” Abigail’s adrenaline shot back up as she shifted to sit at the edge of her king-sized bed.
“B-but I don’t know where Gabriel is,” she blurted.
Angelo moaned, as if stretching.
He sighed out loud.
“What? Baby, put that idiot on the phone, will-ya. Vietnamese dating service.
” “Angelo, Gabriel isn’t here with me.

” Again, silence for a long while.
“Why do you have his phone?” Abigail stood, her hands trembling again.
“He said he wanted to call me, but I don’t have a phone.
He gave me his, but he never called me. Single 95482 guy looking for an honest date.
” Angelo let out a foul word under his breath.
“Listen here, baby-doll.