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Shawn continued to text her sexy messages during her next class, writing in delicious detail all of the things he wanted to do to her.
Melissa read them when she could and struggled valiantly to continue teaching without betraying the gnawing sexual need his suggestions had caused. Epworth weight loss amature women women.
Finally, the bell rang signaling lunch.
Melissa gratefully waved the last of her students out and closed and locked her classroom door.

She hurried to her desk, knowing another text had come thru.
I’m going to make you cum. Lesbian bondage and disapline.
Be ready.
Melissa stared at the message, intrigued.
She wondered just how Shawn planned to make her cum when she was at school and he was working.
She glanced at the clock; he would be in briefing right now at the Sheriff’s station, getting assigned his beat for the shift and learning any various calls that might need immediate attention.

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Maybe he wanted to have phone sex? The thought of doing that at her desk had Melissa blushing.
and hoping.
It would be so naughty! She slipped off her damp panties and put them in her purse, hoping that he would follow through. Kieko malayali pussi.