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She added, “Can you please complete and sign our Punishment Slips so we can show Mrs Parker?” “Of course,” Jenny replied in her offhand tone of voice.
We each filled in a slip confirming a hand and plimsoll spanking on the bare bottom and gave one back to each teacher. Yang transgender lick dick and crempie.
Mrs Bell was still being polite.
“Thank you.
Please excuse us, girls.
You can stay here if you want while we go the Headmistress’s Study.
” “Ok, thank you,” Jenny replied.
Moments later Jenny and I were alone. Clothed and nude european magazine boys.
We waited for the door to close and then a few moments more before Jenny quietly opened the door a few inches and said gleefully, “They’re walking off rubbing their bottoms.
” “That was so cool,” I said. Lesbian minislut vixen.
“Just brill,” Jenny replied.

She looked at me and added seriously, “I am so damp.
I need some tongue.
” I watched Jenny slip her knickers off and sit back down on a chair.
“Me too,” I replied as I went over to her and knelt between her parted legs and kissed her inner thighs working my way slowly towards her damp pussy lips. Sex cam on cam free on apple.
I was getting myself even more turned on as my tongue eased inside her vagina and I heard her deepening breathing.
I felt like I was so experienced now after last night and Jenny certainly came very quickly. Nude amatuer teen big girls self pics.
When she said, ‘More, more,’ I willingly obliged as I loved her sweet sex juice smell and I eagerly once again licked her pussy lips and edged my tongue inside.
She came three times in all before I got up. Seksipaar vidiyo sex romans.

Moments later I had my knickers off and was sitting on the chair with my legs apart and Jenny kissing my inner thighs and pussy lips.
It seemed even more erotic than last night and I reckoned that was because of all the excitement we had had already. Free online gay interracial sex.
Adrenalin rush some girls called it I think.
I was crying out with massive erotic joy as I came, and then my gorgeous Jenny kept going and I came again twice more.
We were both exhausted but still full of each other as we kissed and caressed each other until we were happily done. Nude swedish teen.
As I pulled stepped back in to my knickers I looked at the computer screen.
“Hey look at this,” I said in a surprised tone.
“I think they misread the email.
It was our Mum’s who were going to be at the Head’s Study and not us. Facial hair removal tips.
” Jenny also read the email and laughed.
“Wow that is what it says.

” She added after a moment, “I bet old Parker will laugh at them for that.
” I was a bit worried.
“Yeah, but what if they hold it against us?” Jenny saw the problem. Anal fissure treatment.
“They won’t,” she said unconvincingly.
Just then the office door opened and Mrs Bell and Miss Hopkins came back in.
They looked embarrassed.
Mrs Bell looked at us and said, “Well we weren’t caned, girls but it was the most embarrassing thing ever. Mr_bin1 web cams no login.
” Jenny and I again stayed silent as we didn’t want any of the blame when Mrs Bell told us our Mums were in the Heads Study.
Mrs Bell looked serious although I noticed she was still rubbing her bottom.
She was again using her officious teacher tone of voice. Latino looking bbw for fwb 35 tulsa 35.
“So it is very important you don’t tell anyone about this, In fact so important you will get a dozen spankings if we find out you have.

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