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” The unseen man answered in a low, smoky voice, “Yeah, we got it.
We don’t like it, but we got it.
Not worth losin’ pay over.
” “Your pay is the least of your concerns if any man despoils her.
” With that, the masked man stepped out of the wagon and two men replaced him. Dating chat sites.
The men were unshaven, and dirty.
Their clothing was well worn, and their leather armor dark with age.
Both wore lecherous smiles and stared at her body in a way that made Alicia’s skin crawl.
Alicia recognized the voice she’d heard earlier when the dark-haired man of the pair spoke. Live sex chat room uk.
“We’re gonna take out that gag and untie one o’ your hands.
If you start to screamin’ or try to start magic talkin’, we’ll tie you back up right quick.
” Holding her breath against their smell, Alicia couldn’t have responded if she’d wished to.

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The scruffy man lifted her head while the other untied the gag.
Both took advantage of their position to stare down her bodice and chuckle.
Alicia clenched her teeth as tight as the knotted cloth allowed her to, her face burning with shame and anger. Mature anal thumbnails.
The blonde rogue then untied one of her hands while the first man retrieved a wooden plate and a tin cup.
Despite her fear and disgust, Alicia accepted the cup eagerly.
Her mouth was as dry as a desert, and she was thirstier than she’d ever been in her life. Erotic orgasm denial for women.
She drained the cup once, sipping slowly, and then drank half of another, doing her best to avoid eye contact with her captors.
Her hunger encouraged her to accept the bread and cheese provided, despite how questionable it looked, and the unclean nature of the men serving it to her.

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As she ate, Alicia winced, realizing her bladder was full.
She clenched her muscles against the pressure, her legs already pulled tightly together against the men trying to see up her skirts.
The blonde man must have noticed, because he said, “Need to go water the bushes, do ya?” Alicia nodded almost imperceptibly, the urgency of her need overwhelming her. Free adult 2 way chat with older women.
The dirty kidnapper laughed and opened the front door of the wagon.
“Our guest needs to have a piss.

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