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David saw him cum and pulled his cock out of me.
I looked disappointed, first at Jay and then at David.
David said he had gotten tired and needed a break, then went into the bathroom to remove the condom. Mature horney women.
I looked down at Jay’s cum covered belly and then up at Jay.
With a quick smile I lowered my head to his body and began licking all his cum from his belly and the end of his cock.
There was no way, after WAY too long without the taste of man-juice, I was going to waste all that delicious cum. Male anal bleaching.
I licked and slurped and gave him little loving kisses until I had cleaned it all from that lovely body.

David had returned and was lying next to us on the bed.
His cock was still semi-rigid and looked delicious. Small ass twins suck dick cumshot.
I climbed between his legs and inched up to his member.
I told him I had unfinished business with him and slowly descended on him.
His cock went easily into my mouth and I began to work my magic on it.
It was soon rock hard again and David was moaning, half sitting up against the head board and watching my actions intensely. Free phone chat bloomington minnesota.
I could tell he was already close and this time I was not going to be deprived of that wonderful feeling, that instant when hot salty cum shoots out of a man’s cock and deep into my mouth.

I would have his cum, every drop, and swallow all of his seed! Kinkys3xx4u stanger chat xxx. David’s body started to stiffen.
His breath was sporadic but quick.
I felt his legs to either side of me tense up and he took my head in his big hands.
Yes! This is what I want! All of it, all the time! David’s body shuddered and his hips thrust upwards to ram his spasming cock into my mouth. Marillyn lesbians chat free online sex.

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