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I answered for him, my ass moving back to make firm contact with Frederick to imply my intentions.
“Don’t worry Michael, I will take very good care of your friend.
” “You do that,” Michael replied, Frederick oblivious to the full breadth of the plan. Pale busty redhead getting railed.
Michael left, I turned around and smiled, “Now where were we? Oh yes, slow dance.
” I pulled the befuddled teenager into me, his face literally landing between my big breasts as we danced, if you can call it that. Glory hole homemade.
A couple of minutes of slow close dancing and I leaned into his ear and asked, “Are you a virgin, Frederick?” He stammered, “Y-y-yes m-m-ma’am.
” I bit his ear playfully.
“It’s Betty, sexy.
” “S-s-sorry, Betty,” he babbled, his face again as red as red can be.
“So what did you say about me to my son?” I asked, my free hand squeezing his ass.
“N-n-nothing,” he again stammered.
“Tell Betty,” I purred, “Maybe I can make our fantasy a reality.
” “I said you were hot and I wished I could f-f-fuck you,” the excited teenager blurted out.
“You want to fuck me?” I asked, my hand moving directly to his front bulge.
“Yeeeeess,” he whimpered the second I touched him.
“Well, I think that most proms end with everyone having sex don’t they?” I asked.
“In the movies they do,” Frederick agreed.
“Well, should we make our own movie version of prom?” I asked, dropping to my knees and fishing his cock out of his trousers.
“Oh God,” the adorable teen gasped, as my hand wrapped around his large nine inch hard cock, even bigger than my son’s impressive fuck stick.
“Oh God indeed, I plan to worship this delicious cock, baby,” I teased, my tongue flicking his cock head.

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