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” “Yes, well that’s true isn’t it,” she said.
The coffee was hot, the breakfast good, and the kiss goodbye the best; she waved to me as I drove off to support her very important person.
It had been a good night had the night before. Mallu aunties nude bathing.
Claire Clausen was one very good piece, and she was mine.
She watched as his pickup truck faded into the traffic beyond.
She sighed.
He was a good man was her man, her husband, but boring.

The afternoon would make up for it though: she definitely had the cure for “boring. Hot lesbian couple.
” She headed back inside to the kitchen.
She made the call.
She heard it ring.
She heard him pick up.
“Yes, it’s me.
Yes he’s gone to work…after lunch…Yes, I have to clean up some…Okay good.
” She hung up.
The man would be on time. My busty slut claire needs my cock and cum.

One thing about Rodney Pollard, her husband’s best bud, he was never late for anything.
Dishes done, kitchen cleaned, shower taken, now to do a little housework and wait.
She poured herself a second cup of Columbia’s best. Fun math worksheets 3rd grade.
She took hers strong, black, and unadulterated with sugar, cream, or any other filler.

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