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You called to me And I could not resist You or your temptation For you did not hide from me Who you truly were There was no dance of seduction It was plain to see The lust I had for what you gave Allowed me to see that You were created for me. Rate my handjob.
I was instantly cast Under your spell You took me to places I had never been You helped me to see Those things unseen Complete fidelity I gave and you took So freely from me.
When others said no You were no good Especially not for me I cried for them to hear Pleading they misunderstood That you indeed were good And with you by my side I was un-fucking-stoppable.

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We were inseparable But those few times apart When I thirsted for you Or would have killed for you When nothing I did Removed you from my head It filled me with dread But I always knew We would come together And you would fill my veins With your eternal love, again. Big mature ass interracial.
Each time you returned Taking me down that deep That dark rabbit hole I would get lost within you And I was so lost without you But you never got lost with me Because you had the control You were the one constant That made us great My one true love One, one true fate Or so I thought.

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Then it happened, the day That dreadful, god awful day I came to realise You were not my love My friend, my soul mate Instead you were my captor Who had placed me in chains I was a slave to you As you held me dangling Over the rocks below At the bottom of you. Lonely bbw.
You bastard You stole my life With your savage brutality You took my heart and soul Always wanting more And almost got it You fucking bastard Multiple times, too many times I overdosed On what you said was love. Erotic streaming free.