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Five O’clock rolled around and I headed home, the only rarity of the day was my inner peace, while in the break room a couple of the guys asked if I had had a good weekend and I smiled with a reply “Yeah, the girls and I had a long talk about what all was going on since Sheila passed and got some things worked out. Milf slave suck cock and facial.
” They smiled and commented that I seemed better than I had in quite a while to which I simply replied “I think I’m going to make it after all” I drove home more concerned about what would be for dinner than I had in months, for some reason I was starved.

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As I parked I saw that the other car was in its usual spot, I guessed that none of the girls had an after school thing going today and walked in through the laundry room as always not expecting to see what lay before me.

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My girls had again out done themselves, the table was set for four perfectly, the oven smelled of fresh roasted pork and vegetables, one of my favorites, gravy sat on the stove already thickened and a glass of Chablis sat before my normal place setting. Onefoxy webcom sex usa fb.