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As he started fucking me again, Michael asked, “Would you like to take Frederick’s virginity?” I moaned, his cock feeling so good pumping in and out of my ass, “Is that what my big boy wants? Does he want his Mommy-slut to fuck his friend?” “Now that you ask that is exactly what I want you to do,” my son informed me, his tone not as playful as mine. Full length eva mendez sex video.
I looked him in the eye the best I could since I was on all fours and his hands were firmly on my hips as he fucked my back door.
“Are you serious, Michael?” “Deadly,” he smiled, revealing his plan to me.
“We are going to have our own prom that includes what a prom usually does.
” “Dancing,” I quipped, trying to be funny.
“Fucking,” Michael countered smacking my ass.
“You have put some thought into this already,” I smiled, the naughty ideas in my son’s dirty mind both exciting and scaring me.
“You ever been double penetrated Mommy?” he asked, as casual as if he was asking if I had ever been to Europe.

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He slammed into my ass and sat there, his big cock lodged deep in my ass.
I moaned, “No, that would be a first for me.
” “Ever fantasized about it?” he questioned.
“Of course, baby,” I replied, wiggling my ass trying to get him back to fucking me.
“You will obey whatever I order you to do, Mommy-slut?” he asked again, as he gave one quick, hard in and out.
“Fuuuuck, yes,” I screamed, adding, “I will fuck Frederick, baby, if that is what you want.
” “Good slut,” Michael said before returning to pounding me from behind.

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The thought of being a slut for my son’s best friend suddenly excited me.

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