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Her hands began to spiral lower as they moved down my chest, over my belly and finally to my groin, to where my cock twitched in anticipation of her touch.
One hand closed around the shaft of it while the other gently cupped my balls, rubbing more gel into them. Mistress pee jp japan femdom.
The feeling was so sensual as she slowly worked my cock, sliding her slippery hand up and down its length.
After a few moments she stopped and allowed the water to rinse the lather away.
She pulled me around to face her for the first time. Nudist resort pennsylvania.
My eyes met hers and I lowered my head to kiss her full lips, they felt so soft as they parted and our tongues met, tasting and teasing each other before fully entering each others mouths.
I was very aware of my hard cock pressing against her belly and her wonderful boobs pressing against my chest as we kissed, the shower water cascading off my back.

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She too must have been very aware of my member poking her stomach and she broke the kiss to sink to her knees before me, her eyes never leaving mine as she went.
She took my cock in her hand and bent it down toward her waiting mouth, watching my face as her lips closed around the tip. Lesbian seduction.
I felt her tongue lick the tip and then she sucked me in further.
I had been separated from my wife for over a year now and had not had oral sex in that time so it was only natural that I was very trigger happy. Mark wahlberg penis pic.
Jan seemed to sense it and her eyes gave me reassurance that it was okay.
I mouthed a “thank you” to her and let myself go.
She bobbed her head up and down quickly now, her eyes on me all the time, her tongue snaking around my cock as she brought me to climax.

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With a grunt I felt myself unload, the cream erupting like lava into her mouth.
Her lips remained tightly clamped around my cock, sucking and swallowing, her eyes shining as she did so.
With one last quiver, I emptied my cream for her to swallow before sucking me dry. East vassalboro me sex dating.
I reached down and helped her to her feet.
We kissed again and I could taste my cum in her mouth.
This time I broke the kiss and pulled her gently to the front of the shower, turning her around so she was facing the wall.
“Your turn” I whispered in her ear and took some shower gel in each hand, rubbing it into her shoulders, repeating what she had done for me. See me masturbate.

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