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Gasping she grasped great handfuls of his hair and pulled his head to her chest.
He wasn’t being rough but his fingers were moving urgently, fucking her with long deep strokes that made her pant.
“YES! Oh fuck,YES!” she managed. Spanking japanese handjob cock and pissing.
Her tummy was beginning to flutter and she wondered if he might make her cum really quickly with the intensity of his fingers and his mouth suckling on her nipple.
Then as suddenly as the fingers had started to fuck her they stopped. Ruusian sex.
She sensed his hand turning, the fingers twisting inside her until his palm was facing up and he started to caress the inside front wall of her pussy in a sort of come hither motion.

At the same time his mouth started to work slowly down her stomach, slowly kissing and licking as she guided his head down towards her pussy. Twitterdatingexpert com.
His eyes met hers and he held her gaze.
“You are going to have to ask nicely Serena.
Maybe even beg me to eat you”.
Serena breathing was becoming more erratic now, but she knew exactly what he wanted.
Her voice once again took on the same submissive tone that it had when she had asked him to cum in her mouth. Drunk naked girl orgasm.
Her words became those of a young, innocent woman, her eyes wide and pleading.

“I need to feel your mouth on my little wet pussy, Phil.
Please lick me”.
“Where? Lick you where, Serena?” “My pussy.
Lick my pussy. Best lesbian dating web site.
“Lick what, Serena? Say the words, baby.
Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you”.
“Oh God” She gasped “Please don’t make me say it….
I can’t.
You already know what I want.
” He said nothing, his expression impassive. Big brazil pornstar butt.

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