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And so had his mother.
But that wasn’t what caught the interest of the media; dead drunks were a dime a dozen.
No, the red meat for the reporters was what his Mom and her date had allegedly been up to when they so tragically met their fate. Anal kelly well.
According to the police report, neither of the car’s occupants had been wearing a seat belt, and at the moment of impact his mother had had her face buried in her date’s lap.
He had been ejected through the windshield with extraordinary force. Enigmaya free live sex chat on you tube.
They found his battered, bloody body in the middle of the bridge, nearly thirty yards away from where the car finally came to rest, his pants around his ankles.
His mother’s body was still in the BMW, its interior spattered with an inky, black coat of its most recent occupants’ blood.

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Her head had been crushed by the steering column, and her jaw had snapped shut with the same massive force that had launched her date through his expensive windshield.
When the EMTs pulled his mother’s body from the smoking wreckage, they found the bloody stump of his dick still lodged in what was left of her mouth. Carolinne69 text and fuck hot girls for free.
The Bay Area reporters had had a great time with that salacious detail, although their facade of public decency made it difficult to report on the incident without resorting to the primmest of euphemisms. Throat anal vids.
But they all took their shots, didn’t they, the bastards.
From across the open grave, Jennifer Taylor watched Daniel climb into the limo with his sisters after the service.

Jennifer had known Daniel’s mother well and although she had never met Elaine Congress’ son, she certainly had heard a lot about him from her: how he’d gone through a string of girlfriends after college, how he’d travelled through Europe, how he was offered this job here and that job there, but mostly how he was at loose ends, unable to really decide what to do next. Japanese erotic geisha.
His mother thought it was her fault.
Jennifer and Elaine met seven years ago when Jennifer, one of San Francisco’s top real estate agents, then and now, had sold Elaine her North Beach condo.