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Obviously not wanting to in his current state, he lied and said, Sorry, I was still asleep, too groggy.
She replied with a frowny face, Please, I can already feel my skin starting to cook.
You can go back up to bed right after and I’ll make you lunch later! Chubby twin bears. Now caught in a situation where he’d be a jackass to say no, he replied with a quick, Sure, I’ll be down in a few.
He took a few moments to gather himself (mainly to let his dick get soft), tossed on a t-shirt and some gym shorts, and then headed downstairs.

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When he got to the pool he noticed she was now lying on her stomach with her arms up under her head and her suit bottom still riding up her ass on the one side.
What really got his attention, though, was her top was undone, the strings dangling off the chair, and he had a clear view of the side of her boob.

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He stood there for a moment, mouth slightly open, before she looked over and waved him over.
“The lotion is right there,” she said as she motioned back and he saw it was sitting on the opposite side of the chair, leaning up against her thigh. Best tagalog funny quotes.

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