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This proposed scenario is highly unusual for me.
There is rarely a second encounter, and even if there is one, it is random and unplanned.
In my mind, I justified it as being a part-two continuation as opposed to a planned second hookup. Butt sexy tight.
Rick replied, “That would be awesome! I can’t wait.
I’ll see you Thursday evening.
I wish it were sooner.
” Fifty-two hours later, on my way to meet Rick at my designated spot, my pussy was already wet thinking about getting my hands and mouth on his cock and ripped body again.

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He was already there, leaning against his car.
Walking towards him, I already had my plan well thought out.
I said, “Hi” and walked past him, off the pavement, through the trees to a clearing.
Without words, other than “Hi, Jenny,” he quickly followed without hesitation.

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In the clearing were three picnic tables that if they were alive would easily recognize me from my many visits.
“Take your clothes off Rick,” I ordered.
He complied, leaning against the edge of the table. Rachel steele milf 184.
He was truly a physical specimen.

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