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Scott didn’t let up on her clit.
Instead, he stuck a bunch of fingers into her twat and he was also finger-banging her boiling cunt as he ate her.
In just a flash Scott had her at the edge of a big one.
Scott doubled down on her twat. Arinnax chatting online qith pornstar.
Kelly felt her legs trembling.
One small voice in her brain said, ‘this will be embarrassing,’ and she tried to hold her back from another orgasm.
Scott’s assault overruled.
Kelly was gasping for air.
She reached for Scott’s head to grab his hair and in the process lifted up her own head. Guy playing with dick.
She saw there were dozens of men crowded closely around watching them perform their sex act right in front of them as though it was live theater.
Kelly was out of her mind.
Never before had so many men watched her sex with such lust. Browniehot usa live xxxvideo.
That orgasm began in the depths of the most primitive and carnal places of her brain.
By the time it reached her clit and her vagina she released perhaps the most explosive (by action) and largest (by volume) squirting orgasm of her life. Ai harden van gardeners dating partner.
Scott and his tux shirt and jacket were soaked.
The crowded men were cheering and had started to toss cash toward her naked body (much later Barry collected from the runway what turned out to be over three hundred dollars thrown to her).

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Someone gave Scott a linen napkin to wipe his face.
As he pulled his head away from her cunt, Kelly dropped her head back onto the stage.
Not surprising, considering her position and condition, she soon felt hands. Gay pornstar hot rod.
Lots and lots of hands.
At first on her twat, then inside of her vagina and then all over every inch of her body.
She was a naked slut who’d been teasing them mercilessly all evening and now she was laid out for their pleasure. Malvinka111 web cam masturbation.
She could tell by their movements that guys were being jostled out of her cunt so someone else could take their place and feel her wetness.
Both of her nipples were being sucked, pinched and bitten.
One guy had hopped onto the stage and was kneeling next to her head. Married fat women fucked for augusta.
He unzipped his tux trousers and fished out his hard cock and aimed it at her mouth.

Kelly knew this was a critical moment.
Let it get out of control (as if what was happening was under control!) and she could be gang-banged by hundreds of men (or so she told herself). Fuck mature ladies olinda.
She got it under control and gave the guy a nasty look and said: “Put that thing away and behave!” Shockingly, he did! Things wound down quickly.
Scott had been declared the winning bidder.
With the auction ended many of the men headed home. Bondage girl bent over.
Especially the most decent of the crowd when they saw that things were potentially headed over a cliff.