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“Well I’m glad I could help.
” “Raina needs you to put a baby in her.
” “What!?” “Her and Joe have been trying for over a year.
He has a low sperm count.
It’s unlikely he’ll ever give her one.
If you put one in her he’ll think it’s his. Adult friend finder cedar park texas.
Besides, he has a small penis.
If he ever did make a child, a boy, he’d be small too.
It just wouldn’t be fair to the baby.
That’s why you need to do it.
If you give her a boy he’ll be as big as you.
And she really wants a baby. Free hartcore sex chat.
It’s a humanitarian effort.
” You spit out rapid fire, almost unintelligibly.
I stare at you like you’re insane while your head makes it’s way down to feast on the slab of meat between my legs.
You want me to fuck another one of your friends? Family dirty talk. One that’s married? What the heck are you thin….
It hits me.
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? You’ll have me fuck all of them, all your friends.
” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.
” The last half of your sentence becomes muffled as you stuff your mouth full with cock. Batman and wonder woman pussy.
“You want them to know that you have the Alpha male of our group.
To know just how good you have it in bed.
You want them to know that you’re better than them because you’re the only one good enough to keep me.

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That you’re the Alpha female.
” You simply looked up at me with a mischievous glint in your eye and my cock in your mouth.
I wanted to be disappointed in your behavior, but to be honest I was more aroused than ever. Belize sex m2m nj.
And so are you, I can see it in your eyes as you bob your head up and down my engorged shaft.
You’re happy I figured your little game out too; now you won’t have to come up with excuses for me to fuck all your girlfriends. Adult friend in redwood city.
I grab a handful of your hair and pull you off my cock, placing you face down on the bed your pert little ass in the air as you offer yourself to me.
You laugh that wicked erotic laugh you have when you know you’re about to get fucked good. Fucking ffriends wife.
I position myself behind you and slam my meat into your wanton cunt.
You moan your pleasure.
As I’m thrusting into your tight pussy and listen to your screams I think about your insane, disgusting, somehow erotic plan.

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About why I should fuck a baby into Raina.
If Joe did somehow get her pregnant with his low sperm count and it was a boy, he would also likely have a low sperm count and a small penis.
It wouldn’t be fair to the child or any of the women he would one day have sex with. Xnxx freesexy chat.
If I gave her the baby instead he would be bigger, like me.
Better able to have a baby.
Better able to satisfy a woman in bed.
And then there was a very real possibility that Joe would never give her the baby she wanted. Mom pov boobs.