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The other part of her brain wondered if the text was from Shawn.
If it was, what might he have said? When he was in a playful mood, he often sent her naughty little messages or sexy pictures of what he’d like to do with her. Anal desensitizing lubricants.
Finally, her lecture complete, Melissa directed her students to review their notes in partners.
As soon as they were engaged in exploring Lady Macbeth’s manipulative methods, Melissa walked back to her desk and checked her phone.

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Sure enough, there was a text from Shawn.
I woke up hard and wanting you.
Turning her back so her students couldn’t see what she was doing—they weren’t allowed phones in class—Melissa texted him back.
Stroke your dick for me and send me a picture of you cumming! 20th century nude women nudes 20th century.

His response was almost instant.
A picture of his huge, hard dick, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip.
Melissa stared at the picture, entranced.
She felt her pussy get wet in her panties and squeezed her legs together, trying to get some relief. 100 meet and fuck sites.
I want that.
Now! She sent back, then went back to her podium to wrap up her class, trying to ignore the desire pooled in her belly.

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