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Ah, the sweet fragrance of a beautiful woman! How I love the smell, the taste, the feel of your body.
This is heaven, I tell myself, for no other woman can make me feel the way you do.
As you stand and get into the bath I have drawn, I disappear, but am back soon. Naked live cam.
You lie in the tub and marvel at your good fortune.
Of all the lovers you have had, all those yet to come, this man is special, you tell yourself.
His only goal is to please you.
You think of many things, yet think of nothing as your body relaxes in the water, your mind at ease with it all. He came put back.
You turn to look at me as I enter the bathroom yet again.

I have brought with me a bottle of wine and two glasses.
“How sweet!” you say as I pour us each a glass.
Taking a seat on tub’s edge, I hand you a glass. Indianbella online girl facking chat.
We sit and make small talk, enjoying each other’s company and the wine.
We are in no hurry, we have all weekend and plan on using it to satisfy our desire for each other.
As we continue to sip wine, I take a wash cloth, lather it up and wash your back, loving the moments we share together. Dominant mature asslick.
After the wine is finished, it is time to move on to more erotic pleasure.

The bath was more to show you the loving, caring, giving nature of me.
But now, yes now, we have more important things to do, to share. Latina verified amateur.
Taking the empty glass from you, I set it aside.
I retrieve a towel, hold it open and watch with hungry eyes as you step from the tub.
Softly, I dry your body.
This body whose charm has stolen my heart, fulfilled my lust, and satisfied my quest for pleasure in the highest form. Latin lady wanted.

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