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She had been a tomboy growing up, and I just love the contrast of her being pretty with a curvy, hour glass figure, but also powerfully built and aggressive for a woman.
But I have to admit that my favorite things about Christine are her thick, puffy labia lips and slippery, pink and large clit, with her neatly trimmed bush of natural auburn hair. Dvd japanese teen fuck video.
And her pussy always seems to be wet with sweet tasting and smelling aromatic juices.
Christine had a reputation in high school for her insatiable appetite for sex when she drank alcohol of any kind.
There were several sluts in our high school, but none of them turned into hypersexual nymphomaniacs when they were drinking like Christine did. Wife takes huge black cock.
She just had to suck and fuck cock, and the bigger the better.
She also liked to fuck the Latino, Middle Eastern and black guys when she had a chance, and she just loved the feeling of having her pussy full of their thick, ethnic cum. Hot black milf downey.
She was also a little different than the other sluts in that she loved to suck cocks and balls and swallow cum probably more than fucking.
Most of the girls didn’t like to suck cock and swallow cum, so that made Christine very popular for groups of two or more guys to be with her.

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She could be sucking and fucking at the same time.
She just loved the feeling of throbbing cocks spraying cum into her mouth.
Christine also likes to have her pussy sucked, but almost no one would do that for her since she was so active fucking all those guys and was considered to be a slut. Redhead sister blackmail.
One other interesting thing is that she loves to suck pussy too and sometimes boy and girl couples would meet with her and she would suck all of them.
I didn’t know Christine very well or date her in high school, and I was too shy and insecure to try to get myself invited to the groups of guys that she was sucking and fucking. Lil mynx stripper pole.
Part of that was probably due to my below-average-sized, five inch and thin dick.
But I was infatuated with her for her beauty and great body and felt sorry for her for the way everyone always talked about her and treated her like just a piece of fuck meat.

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But I did get to know her when we went to college at Michigan State, and started dating her when we had business classes together in our junior year.
Christine and I first started dating on a non-exclusive basis, and I suspected that she was still drinking heavily and fucking other guys. Confused dating a man in his 40s sitting ducks.
But for some reason I was determined to show her respect and didn’t drink with her or try to fuck her.
But eventually we started having oral sex.