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“Fuck, two flats! I better call the Auto Club,” Alex said observing the damage.
He got out his mobile and dialled recovery.
“It’s going to be forty mins,” he said putting his mobile back in his pocket after the quick explanatory call. Milf ebony throats.
“Do you want me to get you a taxi, so you’re not late, Charlie?” “No, it’s ok, don’t be silly.
I’ll wait with you.
” They got back in the car and Alex asked some more questions about the guy she was seeing. Chat live hot women.
Charlotte was getting a bit flirty as she touched Alex’s leg.
He couldn’t help but study her perfect body.
“How far do you think it is acceptable for a boy to go?” Charlie asked.
“I mean in public, I think this is OK?” she continued. Free boob sisters.
Charlotte took Alex’s hand and put it along her leg and with her hand over his, she moved it to her knee.
Alex was getting aroused feeling her young, smooth bare legs.
“Yes, that is fine,” he exclaimed.
“In private, what sometimes happens is his hand moves further up my leg. Cock competition cumshot compilation.
” Charlotte moved their hands further to the edge of her skirt.
“Well, I would stop there,” Alex said.
“But I start to feel quite sexual at this point.
” She then guided Alex’s hand up her skirt along her soft thigh.

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“I love being stroked here, it gives me goosebumps.
It’s the thought of what might happen next!” She was so sexy and alluring.
Alex wanted to stop but the thought of her was making his cock hard.
Charlotte opened her legs a bit more and lifted them up. Classified ads.
Alex could see her black underwear, she was wearing a small G-string.
Charlie moved his fingers to the back of her legs, grazing her arse cheek.
“I like your touch, it’s so delicate, Alex” Charlotte took her hand off Alex’s. Blowjob after hard day.
He continued to stroke her inner leg.
Alex then ran his hand between her legs, lightly going over her soft silk underwear.
Charlotte tilted her head back.
She was heavily turned on.
“Please play with me,” she whispered. Adult chat in switzerland.
Alex moved her G-string to one side and started stroking her pussy and the small amount of neatly trimmed pubic hair.
She felt soft and wet.
He slipped a finger between her pussy lips and into her warm welcoming hole.

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Suddenly bright lights filled the car.
Alex quickly pulled his hand away.
It seemed the recovery truck had arrived.
Alex got out of the car.
He was conscious he didn’t want to shake Gerry, the recovery guy’s hand, having Charlie’s juices all over his fingers. Shemale cumshots vids free galleries.
Charlotte also got out making sure her underwear was back in place.
She watched Gerry as he replaced the tyres.
“Out for the evening?” Gerry smiled at the pair.
“This is my sister-in-law, I am just giving her a lift. Shemale and violet adams.

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