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The revelation of taking his daughter’s virginity is absolutely intoxicating.
He stays buried in her, kissing her neck, letting her adjust to being fucked.
“Are you alright, baby?” he asks after a minute. Help him cum.
“Mmhmm,” Abby hums, trying to control the pain.
“Don’t worry, it’ll feel better soon,” he promises.
He’s careful to stay still, mouth caressing her shoulders and earlobes.
Eventually, he pulls out again, Abby gasping as he does. Mature women with dildos.
When he pushes back in, she moans, long and strained.
“My beautiful girl,” Mat mumbles, holding tightly to her, pulling back and humping her once more.
Abby is wound up, baffled, dazed, trying to wrap her head around what’s happening. Fuck date in frederick.
She knew it would hurt, but this is so different than what she expected.
The pain is so far inside her, in her most tender spot, she wants to cry.

Her dad’s dick feels much too big when it’s trying to make space where nothing’s ever been before. Cumcamy webcam girl naked.
Nothing but his thick fingers.
She feels so full – and the motion.
Mat’s smooth, rhythmic rocking seems like it will never end, the force against her sensitivity an aberration she’s trying to control, her insides burning. Speed dating cooking london.
This is what she wanted – to give herself to her dad, for him to be her first, and as he slowly moves inside her, she realizes they’re really doing it.
Her daddy is fucking her.
He had the hardest time admitting it, but she knew how much he wanted this, and now he’s getting it. Lesbian mature feet.
That thought alone makes her moan with pleasure.
Mat makes love to her, just like she asked him to.

Back and forth, over and over, he creates a steady cadence inside her, doing the most intimate act two people can do. Groping belly.
The longer they go the better it feels, and soon, Abby is humping him back.
“How’s that, baby?” he asks.
“Is that feeling better?” “Oh yes,” she purrs.
Mat growls a little, pushing his overly large cock into her no longer virgin pussy. Blondaflirt free web nude chat.
She is his to claim, and that’s exactly what he does.
He fucks his beautiful daughter.
“Ugh, you feel so good, sweetheart.
” “Yeah?” Abby asks, holding his rib cage as she rolls under him.