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I was already exhausted after being played with and abused for so many hours but I got her off as fast as I could.
There was final blow of the whip and then she collapsed on top of me and kissed my mound before she rolled off. Wife affair.
I could hear the audience cheering.
There must have been about ten more men and not quite as many women before they were done with me and then they untied me and stood me up.
I was still blindfolded and they put a collar and lead on me. Sexybitch69 live sex chat cam with indian bhabhi.
My hands were cuffed behind my back and I was led around.
I could feel the grass under my feet.
Suddenly it was a bit like being at a normal party, apart from being naked and blindfolded.
People talked to me, kissed me, gave me drinks, told me how wonderfully I had performed, said what a great party.

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It felt crazy, less than an hour ago I was a naked butt buried in the lawn, now I was being treated like a social hostess.
They fed me booze and it didn’t take long before that and the sex caught up with me or maybe it was because I was vertical for the first time in a day but I felt desperately weary. Modellmarlen1 porn chet.
They were still playing with me as though they owned me, one minute someone would be talking to me and the next they would have their finger in me or have my tit in their hands and play with my nipples. Hellenxangell free porn of live webcam sex chat no signup needed and no registration.
I stopped minding.
I stopped even reacting much.
This was just how it was.
I was a naked slut who would do what she was made to do.

My body didn’t belong to me; this was what it was for, being groped, fucked, played with and also appreciated. Attractive colorado springs male seeking same.
If it wasn’t a good body and I wasn’t a good slut they would have been disappointed.
I still felt a need to please these people whoever they were.
I found myself leaning against people; enjoying the feel of their skin. Marciib animal xxx live mobi.
It was obvious that most of them were naked and I got as much out of rubbing against the women as I did the men.
It became fun and I got into it even more and gradually found some energy.
I would find someone came up behind me perhaps and kissed my neck and I could feel a cock in my hands where they were cuffed behind my back. Sql server information schema not updating.