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I opened a drawer in the bedside table and removed the same black rubber butt plug that I had used in the sex shop; Graham’s eyes widened once more.
I held it up where he could see it and squeezed a little lube onto the tip, before slowly working the cold gel across the length of the plug. Xxx21couplexx chatsex xxx.
There was a glint in my eye as I looked down at him and slid the tip of the plug along his arse crack, until I found the puckered bud of his anus.
I teased and twisted the tip, driving him wild as it slowly worked its way inside him. Online dating agency.
With a shove, I thrust the remaining thee inches of plug into his rectum, and listened as he tried to squeal from behind the ball gag.
His cock was twitching and throbbing, and in an effort to hold off from cumming, he closed his eyes, groaning. W_w_dog life cam porno.
I knew it wasn’t fair, (but whoever said it would be).
I cupped his balls in my hand and gave a little squeeze; I have never heard someone shriek while wearing a ball gag, but I am sure that’s what Graham did. Maira kerry naked.
With one hand still cradling his balls, I encircled his girth with the other and started to wank his cock.
I could feel his body go tense.

He was desperate to relax, but I was making that hard.
I kept rubbing his cock, up and down, cupping then squeezing his balls. Tattooed asian suck dick outdoor.
The way he was writhing, I didn’t think he could last very long.
But I had’t given him permission yet.
I let go his balls and slapped his thigh; his whole body jerked in response.
Then the tempo of my wanking increased, he started shaking his head, then looking at me pleadingly. Girls girls.
After he looked to me, he’d close his eyes.
I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand.
I growled at him, “Are you going to cum?” He looked at me, glassy eyed, and shook his head.
He wasn’t if he could help it; but I didn’t know if he could help it. Porn to seduce their man.
With one hand I kept jerking his cock, the other hand released his balls and went to his knee; my fingernails gently, slowly raked up his inner thigh.
“Are you ready to cum, boy?” I asked.
He nodded emphatically. Nunnelly tennessee new nunnelly tennessee nude.
I slapped his thigh, then raked again, harder this time; my hand tightened around his cock.

He was pulling against the ropes, but to no avail.
My hand tightened and my jerking accelerated.
I slapped him again, then put my lips to his ear; my tongue flicked out to touch his ear, before I blew in his ear and whispered, “Cum for me boy, cum for me. Horney iowa auburn hills girls fucking.
” Almost immediately, a fountain of hot cum spurted from his twitching, throbbing member, splashing down on my hand and his belly.
I milked his cock, squeezing every last drop from him, feeling it shrink in my hand. Mary kay le tourneau now.

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