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It dribbled down her chin, but she swallowed most of it and licked up the remains after she finished.
The short-haired brunette materialized from nowhere with two towels and proceeded to clean Dirk’s cock before zipping him back up again. Big boob mandy.
Chelsea looked over at Liam, who had the camera pointed directly at Dirk, his lips turned up in a smirk.
She raised her eyebrows in an unspoken question, and he answered with a discreet thumbs up.
They had Dirk Davis on camera receiving a blow job from one of his employees. East indian facial features.
This footage was beyond valuable.
Chelsea could hardly contain her excitement.
“So, Dirk,” Chelsea started again with her line of questioning.
He turned lazily towards her as the flight attendant completed his clean-up, smoothed her skirt, and sauntered to the center of the room where the blonde was still dancing. Richmond bc asian ghetto.
The two women began kissing and groping each other as they each wrapped their legs around the pole in an erotic tangle of female bodies.
Liam couldn’t decide where to aim the camera, but settled for a quick shot of the hot flight attendants before focusing back on Dirk and Chelsea. Erotic story spank stepdad.

“This is quite a plane.
Tell me about some of its unique features,” she said.
“Well…obviously the real stars of this beauty are the employees.
They go through an extensive interview process and a grueling training regimen before they are promoted to work on my flights. Shanyaglamour bonga sexnet.
These girls are completely devoted to making each flight memorable and pleasant for every man who comes on board.
” “Every MAN who comes on board?” “Yes, Chelsea.
It’s my jet and my employees.
And I believe that women were created to serve men, so that’s the way we do things. Husband and wife eat cum together.
” “So basically, you’re a sexist who employs prostitutes,” Liam said.
Chelsea frowned at him.
Although he had voiced her exact thoughts, they had to refrain from angering Dirk.
“I think my ladies would be offended by the use of that term. Carmilecream garls and garls xxx videos.
I employ highly skilled professional flight attendants.
Their job descriptions consist of ensuring the pleasure of male passengers on this jet.

They have an arsenal of techniques at their disposal to ensure that this goal is achieved. Transexuals having anal sex.
I don’t tell them how to perform their jobs, but they have free reign to do whatever they believe will result in the greatest pleasure for my guests, and they are very, very good at what they do.
” Chelsea wanted to wipe the smirk off the face of the womanizing bastard in the chair next to hers, so she moved on to her next question. Reality king latina.
“Have you ever been in love, Dirk?” Dirk’s look of shock was absolutely priceless.

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