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There was no actual text, just a photo attachment.
It flashed into startling view – Felicity shower-fresh and moisturised, hair pinned up with her hand and her nipples erect for Cole’s viewing delight.
Only he wasn’t the only one who had viewed it. Chastity lynn pornstar.
God, that idiot! What was he doing, letting Evan see the selfie? She’d trusted the bastard … She located Evan’s number in her cell and called him right back, steaming with fear-tinged fury.

“Evan? How did you get that? How to make a fuckmate. Who else has seen it?” “Relax,” he told her in that infuriatingly casual tone.
“No one, not even its intended recipient.
And he won’t see it either – I intercepted it before he could cast an eye over that beautiful image. Girlfriend putting on my condom.
” “You inter … That’s not your fucking photo!” “It is now – mine alone.

For now, that is.
” Panic was rising now, in an inexorable tide.
“Evan, you’ve got to delete it.
” “Now why would I do that?” “Evan, please …” It riled her to use the word to this guy, but what other option did she have under the circumstances? Hands of love nudist. His response was a jovial chuckle that boded no giving way.