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I headed for the gang’s lock shop.
I walked the last few blocks, but before I got there, I heard the wailing of sirens.
Walking unsteadily, as though I was drunk, I keep walking toward the lock shop.
Police cars surrounded the place. Egg farm fetish.
EMS vehicles and crowds of people blocked from the establishment by barricades and yellow tape.
Within half an hour, I had gleaned that automatic fire had hit fourteen members of the gang from two directions and that somebody had shot each of the victims in the head with a handgun. Erotic wife cream pie stoies.
I staggered away, went back to my storehouse, dressed in my normal clothes, and returned to Ayana’s.
As I quickly went about my business, I wonder which of the gang members or someone from one of the chop shops had reported the stolen cars to the Outfit. Stunning summer interracial.
The slaughter was their way of exacting revenge.
The bastards shooting up a bunch of young kids didn’t know the extent of my revenge I planned to heap on the Bucci leadership.
In the apartment, I listened to Ayana’s phone messages and learned she was in Mexico on vacation with some of her girlfriends. Hookers pine denham springs.
My alibi disappeared, and maybe the Outfit was looking for me.

I was going to have to watch my back.
Now back to Gloria and how to find a safe place to take her.
I decided to rent a furnished apartment near the Starbucks where I was to pick her up. Amateur directory index parent.
I called several rental agencies and rented a furnished apartment at 73 West Hubbard that was only three miles away from the coffee.
It cost almost five thousand dollars a month, but money wasn’t an issue when it came to revenge. Zuza porn.
I rented an SUV at an Enterprise establishment to use tomorrow, but on my way to Ayana’s apartment I remembered Gia and her dead brother.
What was she going to do without him? I drove toward her apartment, parked the van and walked the rest of the way. Hi i m seekinga nice russian man only to be freinds.
I assumed the police would have interviewed her by now, but I was careful walking into the building and using the stairs to get to her apartment.
I knocked on the door.
About a minute later I heard Gia’s voice, “Who is it?” “It’s I let me in.

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” She opened the door and crying jumped into my arms.
I carried her into the room, kicked the door shut, and kissed her softly.
“Did you hear about Al and the gang?” “Yes, that’s why I’m here.
How are you going to live without his support?” “I’ve been crying about that since I got the news. Limberthot full online porno.
I may have to work the streets as a hooker.
” “That’s not going to happen.
I have an apartment; I can put you in for a month starting tomorrow night.
” “What am I going to do after that?” “I’ll think of something. Mesh bikini on sale.

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