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There would at least have been some serious fooling around.
I didn’t think either of us was ready for all of that.
” “Look, I wasn’t trying to talk you into anything.
I just wanted you to know that if you wanted to take it off, it would be okay with me. Rough missionary.
” “So you would have been okay with whatever might have happened?” “Well, not just anything, but I don’t think a little fooling around would have hurt anything – at least not, so long as you were okay with it.

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I mean, I don’t see it getting out of hand.
Jarrad’s still too scared of what I might do to him if he pushes things too far.
” “So you think you’d be okay, not only with me being naked around your friend, but maybe a little touchy-feely too?” “A week ago, no way, but seeing the fun you’ve been having the last couple’a days?

Photos of naked women bent over. Yeah, I guess I’m pretty much – you’re okay with it, then I am too.
” “Oh wow! I’m gonna have to think some on that one.
” That is no rules for sure.
“You ready to catch up with Jarrad?” “Uh huh.
” They picked up the pace some but were still out of earshot. Big pussy cam.

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