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While she wanted to look professional, her attraction to Liam inspired something a little bit sexy.
She also wanted to maximize her chances of scoring some good dirt on Dirk Davis, so impressing him was high on her list as well. Sexy cougar getting butt fucked.
In the end, she chose a knee-length white skirt that complemented her tanned skin.
The neckline of her silk tank top dropped in gentle folds to show just a bit of cleavage, which she accentuated with a pretty necklace. Women looking for nsa sex nosowo.
A red suit jacket would keep the chill off her bare arms, and red stilettos eventually drew the eye down to her toned legs.
Chelsea felt confident and ready to conquer the world…or at least this assignment. Girls in karns tennessee ky to fuck.
The black limousine pulled up to the curb at precisely 7:30.
The driver stepped out and retrieved Chelsea’s bags from the doorman, then opened the limo.
Liam was sprawled out across the back seat, a broad grin on his handsome face. Is adam lambet gay.
He patted the spot next to him.
“Good mornin’, beautiful.
Join me?” Chelsea’s heart skipped a beat.
Ignoring the nagging voice that told her to steer clear, Chelsea slid in beside Liam so that his arm rested lightly across her shoulders.

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Her skirt rode up her thigh, exposing her fit, tanned legs, and she watched with amusement as Liam’s blue eyes traveled slowly and appreciatively from her manicured toenails all the way up to her hint of cleavage before focusing on her own hazel eyes. Blake ryan reynolds dating.
“So…it’s probably a 30 minute drive in traffic.
I say we make some good use of our time,” he grinned, flirting with her as he often did.
But this time his voice was huskier than usual, and she realized he was genuinely affected by her closeness, just as she was by his. New life shemale movs.
Chelsea engaged in a ten second struggle with her professional conscience as it screamed for her to slide far away from this gorgeous man and his enticing body.
Then she distinctly told her conscience to fuck off, and she gave herself permission to flirt back. Cute roxy fucking.
At least a little.
“Define ‘good use of time’ for me, just so I know what to expect,” Chelsea said, opening another bottle of water and settling back against the seat.

Liam leaned forward and hit a button that closed the barrier between the driver and back of the limo, as Chelsea’s heart began to pound against her ribcage. Free online sex dating no credit cards s.
“Don’t be coy with me,” Liam said, turning towards Chelsea and taking the water bottle out of her hand.
“I’ve been asking you out for months, and you keep turning me down.
Why?” “I’ve told you every time you ask. Sadie in busty cops.
It’s unprofessional to date co-workers.
Suppose it didn’t work out? Our ability to work together could be ruined.