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I rocked my hips and tightly gripped the sheets in my hands as the intensity continued to build within me.
My body started to shake from the explosive orgasm I felt through my entire my body.
I shouted with pleasure, “Oh shit, yes! Sex dat cam. Mmmm.
yes!” He had me lay next to him for bit, allowing me to relax and enjoy the amazing high of pleasure I was experiencing.
Time seemed to stand still until he turned me over on my stomach and very slowly and softly began to rub my back, moving down to my ass. Female anal cum.
He circled his hands in a continuous motion, rotating from one butt cheek to the next.
That amazing touch of his started to gradually turn me on once again and he knew it.
As he continued this rotating motion, I couldn’t help but moan with satisfaction, “Mmmm. Licking her anus.
” At that very moment, he softly rubbed my ass one more time and then he spanked me so hard that it sent chills through my entire body.
As I gripped the sheets from the intensity of his spanking, I screamed with pleasure with the final smack he gave me holding his hand tightly down on my ass. If i had a midget i d be glad.
He whispered in my ear, “Do you want more?” Still holding tightly to the sheets I whispered, “Yes, give me more.

” As he slightly pulled my hair back, he said, “Tell me Amanda.
What is it that you desire for me to do. For women only porno.
” As I bit my lips from the excitement of his question, I said, “I want you to finger my ass and then I want to feel that amazing cock of yours deep in my pussy.
” As I glanced down to his cock, I could see that behind his leather pants his cock was waiting for me. Eclipsse malayali womans free sex chatting.
As he pulled back my hair with a tight grip, he said, “Nicely said Amanda.
I want to see you in doggy style position.
Now!” I happily obeyed his command.
As I put myself in doggy style, he smacked my ass again. Online malaysia free sex girl chat.
I shouted, “Oh yes baby that’s it.
Give it to me.
” He then proceeded to rub my pussy and used the wetness of my pussy to lubricate my asshole.
He slowly entered one finger, in and out.
It felt so damn good! Horny pregnant chat site. He then stretched my butt cheeks and inserted two fingers.

As he swirled his fingers very slowing in my ass, my hips rocked to match the motion of his wonderful fingers.
The intensity of pleasure continued to rise within me and oh how I wanted his cock. Amateur femme mure et jeune homme.
“Give me your cock!” I shouted.
He moved in front of me, leaned over by my ear and said, “You are forgetting that I am the one that gives the orders around here.
” All I could tell myself was, hot damn! This control factor he loved to play turned me on more and more every time. Deeth nevada sex to the area this week.
With a seductive tone, he said, “My sweet Amanda, you want to be a bad girl.