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He knew that whatever he decided that he’d have to be clever.
He had in the past worked as a photographer, for friends, family and neighbors, and would still help the occasional relative who was stuck without a photographer as their wedding day approached. Louisiana women.
He also had photographed many of the girlfriends and sex partners he’d had over the years.

He watched porn , but he preferred his own private collection of lovely ladies when he needed inspiration.
His ex-wife was a notable exception. Woman sucking shemale dick.
Despite him telling her how beautiful and sensuous she was and how he would cherish those photos, she had never consented to being photographed.
Before he left the library the week prior, he had taken photos of the new cabinet.

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Normally, he didn’t ask his customers to be in the pictures, but he knew that he’d want a picture to use later for his own pleasure.
She knew it too, for in the last photo, she had a knowing smirk on her face. Wife blows stripper.

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