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We kissed as our hands explored until the water turned cold.
Clean and dry, we crawled into bed holding each other close.
“Thank you,” I whispered in the dark.
“For what?” Riley asked.
“For everything, for letting me. Free pale chubby nude pics.
” I began.
“Will, do not thank me for letting you fuck me.
” Riley’s voice was stern.
“I didn’t let you do anything.
I wanted to fuck you, so I did, and tonight I wanted your dick in my ass.
I like you Will, and I wanted you, I wasn’t doing you a favor. Laurence fishburne daughter porno.
So don’t you dare thank me.
” “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.
I just wanted.
I’m just so happy when I’m with you.
I wanted to tell you how much I like.
being with you.
I’ve never met anyone like you, you’re amazing,” I tried to explain. Www angdating daan.
Riley kissed me softly.
“You make me happy too.

” Her tongue pushed past my lips and our hands slid over each other’s bodies.
“Think you can cum four times in one night?” she asked.
“I can try,” I answered, my dick already beginning to rise. Tiffany clark porn actress.
Riley’s touch soon had me hard and she straddled my hips, slowly lowering her warm pussy onto my swollen shaft.
Her eyes fluttered shut as she slowly impaled herself on my stiff pole.
Her pelvis met mine and she ground her hips against me. Effect of online dating and relationships.
I reached up to toy with her perfect nipples.
She rode me slowly, moving up and down my thick rod and grinding against me at the bottom of each stroke.
It was different this time.
We took our time, enjoying every jolt and shiver caused by the other’s body. Extreme fisting and squirting.

There was no frantic thrusting, no shouts or screams, just intense passion slowly building and breathless ohhs and ahhhs.
Her warm juices ran down my cock and coated my balls.
In the dark, I relied on my sense of touch, sliding my hands over her body. Free amatuer web cam porn videos.
Up her thighs, feeling the strong muscles flex as she rose and fell on my cock.
Over the soft flesh of her stomach up over the hardness of her her rib cage, feeling every bump and groove beneath the soft smooth flesh, up to the firm globes of her breasts with their firm stiff caps. Free shemales adult uncut cocks.
Pressure slowly built as I stroked her stiff nipples and stared up at her face, silhouetted in the moonlight streaming through the window.