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“And that, Pauly, is how I spend my leisure time,“ Eddie said after the explanation.
“Sound like something you could be interested in?” he asked as he sipped at his drink “WOW!” Was about as much as I could say in reply. Tmkoc funny episodes.
“I’ll take that as a yes then shall I?” Eddie laughed again.
A head and shoulders appeared around the corner of the alcove where we sat, it was the big guy from behind the bar.
“Be with you in a minute once I‘ve locked up, the last two are just going out of the door. Funny eggnog quotes.
” He looked at me, then to Eddie before saying to him, “This the lad you were telling me about Ed?” “Yep, Jim meet Pauly, Pauly, this is Jim,” Eddie said, using his glass as a pointer to each of us.
“Nice, very nice,” Jim said before winking at me and going over to usher the last two customers out and locking the front door.

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“OK chaps, the coast is clear,” Jim shouted across the pub to us.
Eddie gestured for us to go into the main bar area where we sat at two high stools.
The curtains had been closed and the big, empty main room of the pub with a pool table at it’s centre had been cleared of the customers glasses. Blonde gallery movie orgasm.
Jim was now behind the bar and was pouring Eddie another drink, he took a whisky for himself and asked me if I wanted anything stronger than the coke I’d had before.
“Nah, coke is fine thanks,” I definitely wanted to keep a totally clear head for this, whatever it was. Radulka onlain porno video chat.
I was a bit nervous now, locked in the pub in the company of a guy I’d only met once and another who I’d never seen before in my life.

Nervous but excited and even more curious after what Eddie had just told me. Coarsening of facial.
Jim was a big man, tall and wide, he was overweight but not in an obese looking way.
His shirt and trousers were well cut, he wore gold jewellery around his neck and a couple of rings.
He looked about forty, his mousey hair was cropped close. Chat with singles.
Like with Eddie I used my Dad as a guide at guessing his age, about four or five years older than him I thought.
Eddie took out a packet of cigarettes and offered them round, Jim refused and took a cigar from a box behind the bar. Anal health issues.
I did occasionally smoke at the time but didn’t take one, I just wanted to know more about this network.
Jim came from behind the bar and sat with us, he took long drags on the large cigar, blowing the thick smoke upwards as he spoke to me. Prostate job.

“So, Pauly, I take it Eddie has told you a few things about what we do? Well, we use this place quite a lot, after hours for parties.
I’ll lock up, then about half an hour later people in the know will start to turn up. Clitoris pumpimg video and pictures.
We usually get going properly about 11.
30 and run for as long as those people want it to.
” He paused and looked at Eddie.
“But, I reckon the best thing would be to show Pauly here the little video from the last one to give him a better idea, what do you think, Ed?” “I think that’s a very good idea indeed. Butt free pic xxx.
The stripper one is a good one,” Eddie said, smiling as always.
Jim went back behind the bar and took out a box of video tapes, he looked at the spines of the video boxes until he got to the one he wanted. Absolutely free live cam no credit card.

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