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We all file out of the room and Professor Bour pulls me aside.
She waits for Veronique and pulls her aside as well.
We stand by her until all of the other students have left.
The professor closes the door. Nude girl in mcdonalds.
She turns to face us and sizes both of us up.
Riqueti, I understand that you have a penis?” she remarks.
“Yes, professor.
” “How do you like Al’s hand on your penis?” “It is very nice, professor.
” “And how would you like a warm, mature pussy on your penis?” “Professor?” Veronique meets Professor Bour’s eyes.

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The professor is already sliding her tight skirt down over her hips.
Veronique just stares in shock at the professor’s magnificent body.
“Please, sit down on my desk.
And Alphonse, in my chair.
” I move and sit in the professor’s comfortable office chair.

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Veronique sits on the desk in front of me and takes her jeans off.
The professor comes over and lowers herself onto Veronique’s fully erect cock.
The professor moans loudly, loving the sensation.
Veronique grabs the professor’s hips and begins to fuck her. Window sneaky voyeur movies.

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