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Brooke was not one to back down to a challenge, and Shawn knew this.
Her eyes tightened as she stared back at him.
In a teasing voice Brooke rose to his challenge: “So you like to feel up my ass while my husband and your girlfriend are below deck a few feet away? Female dating in saudi arabia. Is that how you get your kicks Shawn?” Her eyes did not turn away from his nor did she blink, and the captain stood above her, watching with growing interest as these two peacocks tussled.
“She’s not my girlfriend. Tanakagirl 24 hour web cam girl.
She’s my toy.
And yes Brooke, I do get my kicks out of rubbing your ass while your husband sits a few feet away, oblivious to it all.
And what’s more, you do too.
” Shawn’s hand was still rubbing her ass when Brooke threw back her head and broke into a laugh. Free wifey s world anal.

“You can think that if you like Shawn, but believe me, there is nothing about you that tempts me, or gives me any kind of kick.
” With that, Brooke pulled herself up into the boat, pushed past the amazed captain, and strutted towards the cabin, with its blaring music, to get a drink. Bagheerahott broadcat naked on cam.
The exchange had shaken her, not that she let on.
Brooke was used to being in control – with men fawning all over her – and to being the one in charge.
Here the tables had been turned on her.
Brooke’s only way to deal with it was to make a joke of it and then make a quick escape. Nude jumping clip.
She was also troubled by the realization that she enjoyed Shawn’s hand pawing her ass.
Her mind was in a swirl as she gulped down a drink, trying to come to terms with the fact that her body had responded to the touch of a man that she despised.

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How could her body betray her mind like that? It was a discomforting thought, but one she quickly pushed aside.
The rest of the afternoon was filled with food, more drinks, and sunbathing on deck.
The talk soon turned to the topic of more dancing that night, at yet a different night club. Cameron gold.
The captain assured them the music was better, the people more beautiful, and the setting more romantic, than the club they had been to the night before.
It was enough to persuade Brooke, so plans were made for another night of fun, flirtation and dancing. Dating ebony black.