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We should all be more mindful and live in the moment.
It’s one of the Buddhist teachings,’ he nudged Farida playfully.
‘You’re not the only one who goes on retreats, you know.
’ Despite her tiredness, Farida laughed softly. Wifes looking for sex shreveport tx.
‘What exactly do you do on your retreats then?’ ‘Nothing.
Sit in silence and do mindfulness practice.
It’s really good; it centres you.
I go on two each year.
The theory is that you need to live in the moment at all times. Sexivasilisa live chat sex no registration.
Be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
For example, if you were being mindful whilst eating, you would take in the smell, the taste, and all the textures and you would savour each bite and stay focused on the experience and not allow your mind to wander. Miley cyrus nude self shots.

Do you eat chocolate?’ ‘I love chocolate, it’s my guilty pleasure,’ Farida admitted.
‘It was once your only guilty pleasure,’ Anderson said and Farida felt the familiar heat of embarrassment flood her body. Erikanice free horny chat room.
‘Back to chocolate, though,’ Anderson continued.
‘I will wager that you’ve eaten dozens and dozens of chocolate bars but, after the third piece, you will have stopped paying attention to what you were doing. Girls for sex greece.
Therefore, you will have inadvertently missed eating the rest of the bar.
’ Farida wrinkled her nose.
‘I’ve never thought about it, to be honest, but I guess you’re right.
’ ‘Exactly,’ Anderson exclaimed. Shemale video sex sites.
‘That’s my point.
You hadn’t even thought about it.
You should try and practice mindfulness.

I’m sure it wouldn’t interfere with your religious beliefs.
’ ‘It would.
Buddhism is a religion, isn’t it?’ Anderson shook his head. First kiss last lick.
‘No, that’s a misconception.
Buddhism is a way of a peaceful life, it isn’t a religion at all.
But, putting that aside, the reason I brought it up was your comment that you couldn’t enjoy what you did one hundred percent because, in the back of your mind, there were, understandably, anxieties. Free chat with handsome sex guys.
’ Anderson’s voice was tinged with such genuine concern that Farida suddenly felt quite emotional and her throat closed, stopping her from replying.
Instead, she nodded.
‘If you tried to practice mindfulness, you wouldn’t pay attention to the worries. Chav teen big tits fuck.
You would be so engrossed on concentrating and being in the moment that you wouldn’t have time to feel any anxieties.
In the end, in this life, neither good nor bad times last forever, experiences come and go…’ Anderson snapped his fingers, ‘just like that.

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’ ‘Nothing lasts forever,’ Anderson whispered in Farida’s ear and she knew deep down that everything he was saying had truth in it.
On Monday, she’d be back with Naeem and, by September, she would be ready to do her masters, with Anderson being just a small element from her past. My gf blows my friends.
As Farida snuggled beneath the feather duvet, a small feeling of inner peace glimmered inside her and she drifted off to sleep.
Anderson lay for a while in the dark, his eyes adjusting as the lamplight from outside sneaked through a tiny gap in the bedroom curtains. Chstlines.
He enjoyed the sound of Farida’s soft breathing floating around the room whilst his mind was ticking over.
What was next for them?