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” I still didn’t know where my strong urge to suck Alan was coming from, and although I was embarrassed for myself, I knew that I just had to try it.
I sat up in bed and nervously pulled his underwear down and off, and his cock flopped out on his thigh. Horny ottawa women look for sex.
His cock is uncircumcised, and even though still soft, looked to be about five inches long and very thick.
His balls are also big, about the size of eggs, and they hung down on the bed in his hairy scrotum.

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The aroma of his sweaty, musky crotch turned me on even more as I gripped his flaccid shaft and began to stroke it.
His cock began to harden immediately, and I was soon holding what looked like at least seven and a half inches of thick, vein-covered shaft. Massage with sex moreno vernal utah.

His meat seemed big in comparison mine, since my dick is only about four and a half inches long and thin.
It would have been uncomfortable trying to lean down and suck him from where I was sitting, so I lay down the opposite way in the bed, with my body out at an angle from him. Horny women calhoun.
Then I moved over towards him, and he shifted his bottom leg towards me, giving me a place to rest my head on his inner thigh.