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I opened another button on my blouse and got involved in my work.
I did not have to wait long as I heard the private door to Jim’s office open and heard him shuffling around inside.
I got up, checked myself in the reflection of mirror in my office and went to our connecting door. Deep penetration with big dicks.
Jim seemed startled as I lightly knocked on his door and entered it without waiting for him to say come in.
When I saw Jim he was blushing and griping his fists tightly and he had large beads of sweat on his forehead. Dating pretty woman.
I did not push the issue as I said, “I got your note Jim, what did you need to see me about?” Jim stared at me as he looked at me then his eyes fixed on my cleavage that I wanted him to see.
He started to stammer but I could not understand what he was saying so I said, “Jim, slow down, it’s okay.

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I can be trusted as I have worked for you for 15 years now and I don’t mind what you do or if you are staring at my cleavage.
” Jim again blushed as he turned away from me for a moment.
I said, “Jim, I do understand. Asmr haircut.
I wondered why you had said something about the way I was dressed earlier and now I know.
” Jim turned asking, “What do you know?” I moved closer to Jim saying, “I know you like it when I dress sexually. Pain in left side of left breast.
I know you like to look at my cleavage and you even like to look up my short skirts when I am sitting in that chair right there.
” Jim was looking around his office again and I knew I had him and I moved even closer saying, “Here Jim, look at my cleavage.
” I pulled my blouse completely open for him and his eyes gawked at my heaving breasts in the lacy shelf bra I had on.

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I smiled at Jim asking, “Now, isn’t that better Jim.
” Jim stared at my heaving titties and I knew he wanted to see more so I pulled my blouse off my shoulders, now standing in front of him with only my bra and skirt on. Younger girlfriend.
Jim’s emotions were running wild as he continued to stare at my breasts.
I soflty took his right hand and pulled it to my left breast and said, “It’s ok Jim, you can touch them.
” Jim’s fingers began to kneed my fleshy globes and he raised his other hand and began pulling and mauling my right tit. Bbw slut mybbw.
Jim’s sexual hunger for me was evident in the way he continued to massage and grope at my titties.
I stood still as Jim continued to maul me and I said, “Jim, I know you want more from me don’t you?” Jim looked up into my eyes and I could see the lust in them.

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He was about ready to explode as I said, “Jim, I can see your cock pushing your slacks out and you want to fuck me, don’t you?” Jim could only nod as he felt me move closer to him and unbuckle his belt and reach into his slacks to grasp his stiff rod. Prettywethots live open xxxvidio.
Jim moaned when my fingers encased his long cock and felt his slacks and boxers slide down his legs.
Jim, now naked from the waist down was ready to fuck me.
I smiled at Jim as I moved closer yet, never letting his cock go as I kissed him. Alexis7squirt jazmin chat.
Jim’s lips parted and we kissed, our tongues danced together like two snakes mating.
My hand slowly began to slide up and down his long cock and it felt like velvet.

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