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The main objective and goal of being in slavery is to provide all kinds of services to the owners and even their guests.
To serve them faithfully and with days of housework, and in the evenings, with a special arrangement, to be called upon to serve numerous guest events, parties, and even sexual orgies.
It is especially difficult for a slave, worn out by constant labor on the ground or in the garden, watering and weed control, caring for a rich harvest of fruits and berries.

But man gets used to everything, even to slave existence for the sake of a piece of

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The truth should be noted, feeding here at Matrona is one of the important parts of keeping a sexual slave in constant combat readiness, his ability for immediate sexual satisfaction at the slightest desire of the owners or their guests.
Therefore, all slaves are always fed, fed with tasty and high-calorie food, for normal sperm production, can be required at any time for the pleasure and lust of the owners.
In the evenings, the majority of slaves indulge in sexual memories of past life, share experiences from the recent but unattainable past, discuss certain sexual merits of slaves and suffer internally from the prohibition to masturbate with such stories.
All the sexual energy of a slave focuses on abstinence, on the fear of punishment, even for involuntary pollutions that can happen in a dream.
To avoid this, there is a special unloading room, where, under strict control, the slave is allowed to get rid of excess semen using a variety of devices that are connected depending on the whims of the owners and even free servants.

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However, it maintains the strictest records of selected sperm, analyzes its quality and quantity.
This is necessary for planning the rational use of a slave, in cases of need – for the delight of guests and their guests.
Those invited, by the way, also bring their slaves and slaves to visit, forcing them to copulate with the slaves of Matrona for their own pleasure.
But I learned about all this only after a month of being in slavery.
And on the first evening, lying down on the bench in the common room, along with all my naked and cropped schoolmates, I involuntarily indulged in vivid memories of the past day.
The first and strong sexual impression is the impossibility to hide behind the sight of numerous servants and dressed slaves.
When I was put on the table, forcing me to crucify my legs and put all my household for processing, I involuntarily experienced a whole gamut of feelings – here it was shame, and my powerlessness, and the most intimate – I just very hard perceived the presence on the execution as a controller – that Lena herself, who met me in a friendly way at the entrance to the gate.
Oh my God, how embarrassing it was to observe how Lena critically examined my virtues, touched my testicles, rubbed the head of the leaping member and gave instructions to the slave who served me to process the most carefully certain places on my body.
Of course, everything was arranged as a performance, prudent performance of my duties, but somewhere in my heart I realized that she was not indifferent to me as a guy, a young male! And of course I internally shuddered, not knowing yet all the powerless subtleties, but truly understanding that to be in the spotlight, let him be slaves too, but the OLD slave is fraught with might affect my sexual resources and abilities.
Feeling like she is rolling my testicles between fingers, trying to get a response, I realized with horror that I could fall into double slavery, besides the main thing – that I could be chosen to receive additional services and pleasures for the pleasure of now also slave-controller.
It is good that she was distracted by another slave on the next table, but still, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a difference in interest in him and in me, who was helplessly waiting for the start of the execution. Live free sex cam 4.

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