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Madeleine flowed with all her strength, it turns out that she also instigated her feminine essence.
Looking at the belt, she said: – In the morning we go to the sex shop, we need to buy various interesting things.
A belt is not enough.

With what pleasure I would whip you a whip.
And if you are handcuffed, it would be so charming! Saying this, she patiently whipped her friend, leaving red stripes on her sweetheart’s sweet ass.
With each blow, Irina screamed in pain, and then begged for mercy, then asked to strike her harder.
– Spare! – She cried much crying and sobbing, – No, no! Punish me! Punish your slut.
Hit me! Hit your bitch, my lady.
Hit harder! I was guilty and should be punished.
Both women flowed like two bitches during the marriage dances.
After the execution, Madeleine squatted on her haunches and, playing with her fingers in her flower, passionately began to lick the juice from her womb.
“Mmmm,” he became even sweeter from punishment, she said.
When she got up, she ordered the slave to turn and, rewarding her with a ringing slap with the words: “Try again for once.
bite my finger, I’ll arrange it for you! ”, – ordered to bring a belt with a member.
– Faster than a scum! – Madeleine has roughly shouted, – I do not intend to wait! Nasty brought the belt and, head down, handed it to the mistress.
– On the knees of the creature! – Madeline said, – and look into my eyes.
Falling on her knees, Ira looked straight into the eyes of a woman with fear and humility, again gave that belt.
Mrs. cordoned off the phallus, covered it abundantly with lubricant, came in behind the slave, demanding that her posture be changed: “Put your head lower and your ass raised higher, I prepared a gift for you,” she ordered.
Irochka readily did it, assuming that it would be, not so much pleasant, as painful.
The paradox of the transformations was that the marks of the beating disappeared completely, and the broken-down ass was once again pristinely fresh and narrow.

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Strongly worrying that the cries of her friend will be heard by her neighbors.
The door to their apartment slammed, they returned from the trip, the lady said: – I, perhaps, shut up your mouth, and then the neighbors are back, and you so yell, they will think something else.
You do not mind? “Of course not, my lady,” the slave agreed.
Looking around the room in search of something suitable for a gag, Madeleine ordered to bring her panties and stand on the bed, not on the floor.
“I will give you pleasure,” wiping her bosom and legs from the running juice, said Madeleine and stuffed her panties into Ira’s open mouth.
Striking her cheek, she rudely asked her not to scream loudly: “Did you understand me, bitch ?!” Do not even think of screaming loudly while I rip your asshole to the

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German sign.
Understood or not, slut? – rewarding slaps every time a slut, she asked.
Finally, tears spilled from the eyes of the unfortunate, she nodded her head that she understood everything.
Affectionately stroking her lover’s ass with her palms, Madeleine gently and slowly inserted her fingers into her sweet hole.
First one and then the other.
Already the trinity is screwed there.
The brown star of her beloved, relaxing and stretching, allowed her to do it almost effortlessly.
Madeleine took an artificial member and slid them around the star, not the star.
The penis was smaller than Madowski, and moreover it was more oiled, so the head easily penetrated the sweet cavity.
As soon as this happened, standing in a pose, she sighed through her nose from pleasure.
Madeleine with a force pressed on the member, plunging it completely into the cave of the passion of a friend, holding that hair wound on a fist.
Acute pain pierced like a fire inside the unhappy, remembering that she could not scream, she huddled in silent hysterics.
Tears of hail, again shed from her beautiful eyes.
– What a bitch hurt? Does it hurt, reptile ?! – Madeleine inquired happily, rotating the artificial member around its axis.
She really liked to torture a submissive slave.
I liked to admire her tears, to deliver that pain almost to the point of patience.
I also liked it because the tortured one liked it too, but the main thing was that after each new transformation there was not a single trace left from past executions.
She noticed this a long time ago and understood that every time it happens in a new way.
But when she was a man, all the feelings of Mad were more acute, the pleasure of execution he received more intense, more sensual.
Madeleine passionately wanted to become a man again, pull out this artificial cock and plant her real with all the dope and grabbed Irochka by the ears, fuck her so that the smoke would go. Niceslut live on bongacams.

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